Do you need an architect to design your house?

You are an individual with personal needs and desires. An architect can guide you by listening to you and proposing three dimensional frameworks for these needs and desires.

For example, if you like to read, an important room would be a library or a study. There are many solutions to a library or a study but the right solution for you might depend on other factors that are individual to you. Do you like to read in the morning, then a combination breakfast room / study with eastern light exposure might work?

The above is just one example of the hundreds of decisions that you would have to make when designing a house. An architect can help you make these decisions. An architect is professionally trained through education and on-job experience to deal with multiple decisions.


As an architect,
I believe a good
green home
design has
something old,
something new
and something

Something Old

  • Impact on existing community
  • Sensitive to the site
  • Use of local landscaping

Something New

  • Homeowner's users manual
  • Alternate energy technology
  • Innovative design

Something Borrowed

  • Indoor air quality
  • Water conservation
  • Recycled building materials

For the design of your green house, ask me to use the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for Homes Green Building Rating System. This system requires a third-party verification of the design, construction and the performance of your green home.

LEEDThe U.S. Green Building Council is a national non-profit organization that promotes and develops consensus base standards on green design, construction and performance of buildings.

Carl Boyd Maxwell, AIA Architect, Inc. located in Charleston, West Virginia provides architectural services to the residential market from renovations of bathrooms and kitchens to new custom designed houses.

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